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About Us

Founded by creativity in the kitchen.

When Eliana Campos Berry was 12 years old, she baked her very first cake.


She absolutely loved it (and so did her family), so she made another. And another. And another. A carrot cake for her family. Lemon bars for her friends. Cupcakes for her sons’ school parties. Nut-free cookies for her favorite restaurant.


Eliana woke up one day in her home kitchen filled with delicious baked creations made for family, friends, neighbors, community members, even for local restaurants and grocery stores. Overcome with joy, she realized: I’m born for this.


Chef Eliana founded Deliana’s Bakery® in 2006, dreaming to bake the world’s desires a reality without limitations.

18+ years later, Deliana’s Bakery® continues Eliana’s tradition of creativity, versatility, and deliciousness in bakery products. No matter the dream, Deliana’s Bakery® bakes possibilities a reality.

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